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Closet Systems

Discover the ultimate in customizable closet organization with our collection of accessories that pair with Fittings Modular Shelving. Turn your closet into a stylish and efficient oasis with our selection of premium closet components.

Oval Closet Rod
Oval Closet Rod Sale priceFrom $24.00
Closet Rod End Cap
Closet Rod End Cap Sale price$110.00
Closet Rod Center Support
Closet Rod Center Support Sale price$55.00
Valet Sale price$2,280.00
Pivot Hat Display
Pivot Hat Display Sale price$385.00
Pivot Mirror
Pivot Mirror Sale price$1,470.00
Standoff Vanity Mirror
Standoff Vanity Mirror Sale price$1,680.00
HD Lit Makeup Mirror
HD Lit Makeup Mirror Sale price$659.00
Oval Standoff
Oval Standoff Sale priceFrom $220.00
Round Stand Off
Round Standoff Sale priceFrom $220.00
Glass Shelf
Glass Shelf Sale priceFrom $54.03
Wood Shelf
Wood Shelf Sale priceFrom $48.20
Curved Shelf Base
Curved Shelf Base Sale price$295.00
Metal Shelf Base
Metal Shelf Base Sale priceFrom $165.00
Pivot Storage Shelf
Pivot Storage Shelf Sale price$890.00