Fittings Bistro Shelving

Fittings Bistro Shelving Overview

Metal Bistro Shelving is offered in eight different applications from wall to ceiling mount. Our Bistro Shelving is modular by design where you choose the number of shelves and bays depending on your space.

What you need to know when placing your order:

Step 1: Choose your desired application from wall mount (with or without rear vertical), wall to ceiling mount (with or without rear vertical), floor/counter to wall mount (with or without rear vertical), ceiling mount, or floor/counter to ceiling mount.

Step 2: Choose the number of shelves based on your desired height.

Step 3: Choose the number of bays based on your desired width.

Step 4: Provide your specific dimensions in the text fields for your height, width, and depth of finished shelves. Note glass shelves are not included. Be sure to check the diagrams to see the difference between the shelf depth and the depth of the overall unit.

Step 5: Add optional accessories including glass shelves, wine or stemware inserts.

Glass Shelves can be ordered here: