Mono Ceiling Mount Bracket


Versatile brackets can be paired with cabinetry or shelving to design stand-alone pieces or combined together to create wall systems for entertainment spaces, closet systems, and beyond.

Adjustable Feet: Adjusts 1/4” shorter and 3/4” longer than stated size. Example: If you order a 96” leg it will adjust from 95 3/4” to 96 3/4”

*Brackets sold individually.
**Cabinetry & shelving not included.
***Shelf mounting hardware sold separately.

Mono Bracket End Plate

Mono Bracket Joining Plate

Mono Glass Shelf Clips

If you intend to incorporate glass shelves you will need Glass Shelf Clips plus Bracket End Plates or Bracket Joining Plates. The actual glass size will be 1 3/8" less than the order size to allow for glass clips.

Wine Inserts Available

SketchUp File

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